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Marina Health signed a collaboration agreement with the Association LUDAI

29 October 2014 - 00: 00

The Manager of the Department of Health of Dénia, Ángel Giménez, and the president of the LUDAI Association, Jessica Romero have signed a collaboration agreement between Marina Salud and LUDAI.

Ángel Giménez and Jessica Romero

The agreement includes the work carried out by Marina Salud in a coordinated manner with the Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Center of the Marina Alta, CDIAT, and the LUDAI association in order to optimize early care for children of the Marina Alta who suffer from type of disability or alteration in development. The objective is to diagnose them and offer them a continuity program in treatments and care.

With respect to Marina Salud, children receive treatment by the pediatric neurologist and the Optional Unit Locomotor (orthopedists and rehabilitation); physiotherapists and speech therapists as well. Institutional collaboration reflects both the work of health professionals, such as the work of continuity of care, which addresses the CDIAT work and social catalyst, led by the Association of parents with disabled children, Ludai.

The Ludai Association is a non profit organization that was raised, the main objective that existed in the Marina Alta region, a Center for Child Development and Early (CDIAT), as existed in other regions.

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