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Marina Health signs its first joint venture agreement with Amgen

04 June 2015 - 00: 00

El Marina Health Hospital de Dénia has just signed with the North American pharmaceutical company, "Amgen"his first Shared Risk Agreement (ARC). The event was attended by Ángel Giménez, the manager of the Department of Health of Dénia, Concha Serrano, the director of Institutional Relations and María Fernández, the National manager of Institutional Relations of Amgen Spain.

Marina Health Team

The agreements of Shared Risk intend to pass to a system of payment of the medicines for results, in such a way that the value of a technology is conditioned to the demonstration of its efficiency against its effectiveness. These agreements are a key tool to help regulate some drug uncertainties and distribute the risks among the different agents of the system.

"The signing of the Shared Risk Agreements represent an innovative way of management in which, if the expected clinical benefits are not obtained, the manufacturing laboratory returns to the health organization part of the cost of treatment," said Jaime Poquet, the chief of the Clinical Pharmacy Area.

The drug on which it has agreed to refund if their efficiency is not demonstrated is the panitumumab a monoclonal antibody indicated for the treatment of metastatic colon cancer.

12 weeks for Denia Hospital will monitor patients receiving as a first-line treatment the panitumumab. If after that time the tests detect a tumor progression, "Amgen"100% of the cost will be paid to the Marina Salud Hospital.

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