Marina Cuines makes the design with which you dream thanks to her pantograph

05 July 2018 - 00: 07

Did you know that Marina Cuines Can you make any finish to your liking? Yes, for any design, custom furniture, signage, sign or any form you need on your wall or anywhere in the house or in your business.

In Marina Cuines they use the pantograph with numerical control, and with it, they can make reality what you can imagine.

Through this system of coordinates, the very precise cut is outlined. The operation is based on the control of movements of the work tool in relation to the axes of coordinates of the machine, using the computer. This machinery allows a job to be carried out much easier and with more precision than with conventional methods.

Marina Cuines will be your solution for custom furniture, decoration, signage, signs, all kinds of drawings, shapes. Endless possibilities!

"Marina Cuines, we capture your dreams come true." Visit them at Carlos Sentí Street, 45, Dénia.

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