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Marina Alta Embark demand a revision of the Statute of the Autonomous

May 18 from 2015 - 10: 44

The collective Marina Alta Embark addressed last week in Dénia the situation of the group of self-employed in our country, a key sector in the economic recovery for their ability to create jobs.

Economist Miguel Molina and technical treasury of Social Security Antonio Losada They desgranaron the current situation of the entrepreneurial community from the time a person decides to register as an autonomous and formalities and obligations to be met before the Tax Agency and the General Treasury of the Social Security.

Antonio Losada and Miguel Molina

Losada, meanwhile, explained the developments in aid to opting new autonomous as well as in recruitment, stressing the need for major reforms, but "They must be done with caution to maintain the viability of the welfare state."

At the end of the talk there was space for questions, lengthened space in an interesting get-together between attendees and speakers where highlighted concerns employed.

The next talk will organize the association Marina Alta Embark will take place on June 4. It will be a charlataller given by Josué Gadea, who explained 200 how to attract potential customers for your business each month.

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