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Mari Martínez takes his duties as councilor of the CDL / PSD

01 March 2012 - 00: 00

Mari Martínez It is now officially the new councilor of the CDL / PSD. In the regular full February he took possession of his office. After he swears, received from the hands of the mayor of the city logo.

In his speech, Martinez wanted to make it clear that his party is a center team that is willing to work for the citizenship. In addition, and after the integration of the PSD in the CDL, Martínez requested support to the plenary to proceed with the change of denomination of the party and group.

During the plenary, Martinez declined at all points in protest at the decision of the city council not to allow you to participate in meetings and committees prior information. While not participate could not be even Councilwoman Martinez missed let him go "with voice but no vote".

Mari Martínez takes over from Juan Sancho, who last January announced its withdrawal from local politics for work. With it, the number of women in the consistory increases 10, only one representative less than men.

  1. the cat says:

    let's see what he is capable of, or he will stay in the opposition without anything else.
    Hopefully this is the height it deserves.

  2. Jesus says:

    Mari luck. It's good people.

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