Marc Bañuls, motivation and passion turned into personal trainer

29 June 2016 - 00: 03

When a person is motivated by their work, they spread it to whoever is in front of them. Words full of passion for what he does, exciting projects and a journey that leaves no doubt that it was the right one in his case.

Those sensations are those transmitted by the Dianense personal trainer Marc Bañuls, a young man from 30 years who has managed to create a place in the world of sports in the region and in which currently more than fifty people trust to achieve their challenges, whatever they may be. And to those who transmit their desire and motivation for a sport that they are passionate about, such as running in all its aspects.

Marc Bañuls running down the mountain

For four years, Marc Bañuls has been dedicated to advising people of all levels interested in achieving different objectives, ranging from having a maintenance and feeling fit to participate in marathons anywhere in the world. All thanks to his knowledge as a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports, which allows him to advise on different sports and nutritional aspects.

Enganxa't a còrrer

That has led him to grow in his field, since in addition to personal training at different levels, he is one of the founders of the athletic club Enganxa't a Còrrer, an initiative that was formed by a group of five fans of running and that today has become one of the renowned clubs in the Marina Alta, with more than 40 athletes.

Together they have organized something as big as Cursa de la Dona in Dénia, and aim to enhance the true values ​​of sport beyond the competition. That is why they organize talks on nutrition, psychology and values, as well as walks and activities that serve only to enjoy sports, which is what really moves them.

The mountain, a passion that will take you to bookstores

Marc, who considers himself passionate about the mountains, collaborates punctually with an online publication on outdoor sports. From this collaboration has emerged a project that will be released in October: his first book.

Marc Bañuls

This publication will focus on the mountain in a practical way, and was born with the aim of serving as a manual to fans of this sport, since so far there is not much published on the subject. To get it out, Marc Bañuls has surrounded himself with professionals in adventure sports and psychology, among other fields, so that anyone can put into practice the advice he presents in the first person.

Restless, with very clear ideas and many marked objectives. Marc Bañuls, who also combines his professional side with his other passion, music - he is a member of the Toca't un Ou- charanga, motivates almost without wanting to do it, and is able to spread his passion for the sport even to those who It's hard to get up from the couch.

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