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West Fail Manifesto: «Every day is 25N, also in the Fallas»

November 25 from 2019 - 14: 44

The West Falla, in this November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we want to express our most forceful complaint against all types of sexist violence, brutal manifestation of inequality between women and men and a serious attack against the human rights.

From the delegation of equality we want to express our rejection for the murder of each one of the dead women in the whole State at the hands of their partners or ex-partners, which makes a greater and more forceful commitment of the public powers, administrations and institutions as well as of society as a whole, for the elimination of this social scourge that has its roots in the inequality of power relations between women and men.

Awareness and social awareness policies are essential also in the popular festivities to end this social situation. From the Equality Delegation of the West Falla we will continue leading initiatives to raise awareness of equality and respect between women and men from the party.

From the West Falla we claim full equality between women and men and that is why we also apply it in our acts, parties, in language, actions and statutes where all the falleras and falleros are equal and we are part of the fault in equal conditions without conditioning factors having all and all the same rights and obligations. Because every day they are 25N, also in the failures.

All sectors of society, including failures, have to reflect on equality between women and men. Next, we leave you the verses where the failures of the 2019 expressed this reflection together with a scene where the protagonists of the film "The others" were the center of criticism:

The society passes for a moment
that one of the most recent issues
sense dubte is the one of the equal
ja tocava lluitar per eixe reconeixement

Tots hem d'aportar
per l'ansiada igualtat
it must be an asfaltat camí
Sense pedres who try to stun

It's not an easy geca tasca
finish something so arrelat
però amb força i constància

the viatge will not be so difficult
donant-mos molta seguretat
to determine the distance

Tots can I must contribute
perque així creguem
s'acaba amb el menyspreu

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