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Demonstrators and the Minister of Health are in Dénia for the reversal of the hospital

February 08 from 2020 - 11: 21

Several dozen people yesterday received the Valencian executive on his visit to the city of Dénia with a banner calling for the reversal of the regional hospital.

Upon noticing the presence of those concentrated there, Ana Barceló, the Minister of Health, approached to listen to the protests of the protesters and report on the actions that were to be carried out by the Government of the Generalitat in this regard.

Participants in the protest affected the Minister of the delay of the Generalitat in the process of reversion, according to them contradicting what he had announced on other occasions. Barceló defended that reports are already being prepared and that these are complex legal issues, which is why times tend to lengthen. However, he has reiterated his intention to reverse it before the end of the concession, 2024, but they must do so safely.

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