Tomorrow there will be a “peaceful protest” supported by the denialist healer Josep Pàmies

January 28 from 2021 - 11: 07

The restrictions decreed to stop the alarming curve of the coronavirus, which in our region and municipality leaves an incidence greater than 1.000 cases per 100.000 inhabitants, represent an inevitable hard blow to companies. It is about the famous debate that has been with us for almost a year: save health or the economy. Which does not mean that a balance can be found, which is what different sectors are fighting for these days.

The demonstrations are becoming a regular feature of the Dianense landscape. Today the hoteliers have gotten into their cars to protest, tomorrow it will be the turn of businessmen in the gym and sports sector. The latter will do so on foot, in the Plaza de la Constitución at 10:30, with the controversial slogan announcing "Open or Die".

But the controversy of this movement does not remain in that sentence, but they announce that they have the support of the Dulce Revolución association, belonging to the farmer and popularizer of pseudosciences Josep Pàmies. What's more, the organization has admitted to this medium that they maintain contact with the healer whom the prosecution has their eye for spreading their denialist theory. Pàmies has encouraged and directed different demonstrations throughout Spain in recent months in which not only protective masks have not been used, but participants were encouraged to kiss and hug each other to show that they are not afraid of the coronavirus.

The organizing association, called "United by Necessity", is defined as "neither of the right nor of the left" and prefers not to position itself as to whether COVID-19 exists or whether vaccines are beneficial, "everyone can have their own opinion". It is a group formed for the occasion, made up mostly of businessmen from the gym and street vending sector, but also some hoteliers. Its objective? Topple the current fear to avoid "a collective poverty never seen since the Second World War".

To achieve this, in addition to criticizing government restrictions, they ask that vulnerable and at-risk people stay at home "where they can feel more protected and safe so that [others] we can move the economy forward and save our businesses and our future ". Of course, at the same time they affirm that "loneliness also kills".

  1. José says:

    I do not understand why they call deniers to people who are not afraid to continue living openly without fear of the virus. They do not deny its existence, they simply say not to be afraid of it, it is very different. Well that everyone does what they want as always

    • Pit says:

      Why are they called deniers?
      It is simple, because you question, you investigate and you are open to looking for yourself and not sitting down and accepting a single vision of the problems.


    • pepper says:

      But will they serve free shots of bleach?

      • Valentino says:

        Good morning pepe, we do not serve shots of bleach, but we have vindicated ourselves for the abuse of measures towards the hospitality sector. They have justified that it is the main source of contagion without studies to justify it, we also claim that despite all the measures taken since last year, the opposite effect has not emerged, the situation worsens, we have also vindicated ourselves for the abusive rise in the freelance quota and we have also protested about many other things that you would have found out if you had gone. Lastly, we have made it clear that we are not deniers as the press would have you believe.
        By the way, hitting four beeps in the car on the street is fine, but walking to the town hall and talking about it is much better.

  2. pepper says:

    If this man wants to do something for society, he could volunteer at any residence, hospital, medical center and help clean up at least. Instead of messing around and generating negative ideas. Another sells histrionic motorcycles in search of prominence. The same could be applied to the councilor and others who take advantage of the system, since they are vaccinated at the Hospital to clean.