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Mabel, she Dianense a niche in the fashion world is done by designing kimonos

November 04 from 2015 - 00: 05

The illusion is revealed in his voice as he talks about his project. "My job is to do beautiful things", He says. He is young and enterprising, a lover of his city Dianense for work lives in Madrid, from where he launched his bet fashion: khemeia.

Mabel Rodríguez creator of Khemeia

We speak with Mabel Rodríguez, the woman behind this brand of kimonos online, A project that was born two years ago and gradually created a niche in the fashion world.

The beginnings of Khemeia

It all began with the concern of this marketing specialist to explore new fields and markets with its own product, the kimono, which aims to become a totally versatile piece that becomes unique thanks to the production process, always at hand.

In the beginning, khemeia existed only through social media, Where Mabel was promoted their products and their customers via mail. she was the one who contacted different fashion blogs to make themselves known, and it was she who wrote his first promotional press releases. But slowly the project grew to creating your own shop online, where you can see the collections you have created so far and buy any of their products.

Your kimonos

always working with the same pattern, Mabel visit fairs fabric to choose fabrics that will eventually become their kimonos. This way you ensure that the final result will have the quality you are looking for without offering complications in the wash.

Kimono collection autumn winter Khemeia

Their kimonos are adapted to any season, and images of your website proposes different ways to show off. In addition, this year has increased bridal gowns collection with a designed collection for brides classic yet bold in one of the most special days of their lives.

Fashion magazine Elle says Mabel kimonos "They are going to talk, special and unique". But it is not alone: ​​many fashion blogs have referred to the creation of this inspired Dianense "in beautiful things" for each of his creations. Denia beach, without going any further, it has been the inspiration of their kimonos summer collection, and soon made the city their new photoshoot.

And although it is far, Mabel does not lose the opportunity to go home to enjoy his family and friends, who makes participants with his smile and enthusiasm of progress khemeia.

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