Lights and shadows in Dénia Básquet: victories for the women's teams and the Zonal

November 09 from 2020 - 12: 22

Second displacement of the Senior Male 1ª Nacional in which they were once again very far from aspiring to victory, this time against Jorge Juan Novelda, finishing 87-56.

The bad start condemned the DBC for the rest of the game, allowing the locals to play calmly at all times by taking advantage of the visitor's lack of defensive tension and the lack of ideas and toughness in attack necessary at this level.

Although little by little the Dénia Básquet He entered the game and showed his true potential, it was too late to hope to turn the result around.

Experience will surely help this young group to take a step forward and know how to exploit its many virtues, merits that must come together with greater concentration and above all continuity to be able to compete with guarantees in this category.

Regional Female Senior: Tavernes 56 - 62 DBC

Senior Women's second victory against a tough rival that made things very difficult from start to finish.

The first part was marked by the lack of aim and rhythm of the game on the part of the DBC players. Tavernes, with a rubbery basketball, did a lot of damage on the rebound, distancing himself up to fifteen points ahead at halftime.

But in the resumption those of Dénia came out with very clear ideas knowing how to adapt to what the game required. With a great defense and a lot of patience in attack, they managed to turn the scoreboard and take a hard-fought victory that strengthens the team's spirit.

Oliva's player Raquel Laskawski, who joins the group as a reinforcement for this season, made her debut in the match.

Senior Male 1st Zone: DBC 81 - 66 CB Pego

The visiting team entered the game with great inspiration from the three-point line, scoring up to five triples with virtually no failure in the first quarter.

That level of success coupled with his greater determination when winning the divided balls caused a takeoff in the scoreboard favorable to his interests that reached fourteen points in the middle of the second quarter.

Carlos Vila's men, however, were patient and in the second half they were able to change the dynamics of the game by better fixing the defense on the perimeter to which they added more offensive success, this time taking better advantage of the transitions that they had not taken advantage of before.

Finally point by point they came back and ended up clearly marching on the scoreboard thanks to a last quarter in which they gave the rival few options, thus achieving a hard-fought victory.

Junior Female Level 2: DBC 54 - 51 CB Pego

Suffered victory against Pego in a match where the dianenses were never comfortable.

They did not have a good day in the offensive aspect wasting the innumerable advantages that they achieved and with a bad percentage in the outside launch. Those of Pego also prevailed in the fight under the hoops.

Only by adding the effort of all in defense and putting a great attitude on the court was it possible to overcome a difficult and even game that was also complicated at the end with the visitors approaching on the scoreboard.

The group showed that, despite the difficulties that are occurring, it works together and is thus capable of dealing with the problems that arise.

Autonomic Junior Male: Horta Godella 96 - 45 DBC

Dénia Básquet was aware that before one of the teams aspiring to play the regional final four, it would be far below in terms of level, rhythm and intensity.

However, they were in the game for the first fifteen minutes. Midway through the second quarter (27-20) the locals intensified their capacities, exposing the shortcomings that now distance them in the game.

Despite everything, in the second half they continued trying, aware of the prize that being able to play at this level represents, taking advantage of every minute to try to improve despite the increasingly evident difference in the scoreboard.

Many details to improve in the team in terms of performance and of course on the playing field in a decisive year within their sports training.

Preferred Male Junior: DBC 04. 58-81 CBM Benifaió

The first period began with too many points in favor of the rival ending with a set difficult to recover later (12-35).

However, from there, the Dénia Básquet players began to produce more and conceding fewer points, reaching a tie in the third quarter and winning the last with a score of 22-15.

Highlight the good attitude that led them to react from the second quarter. Being tougher defensively will lead them to find good feelings and enjoy the competition more.

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