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The Xabieros José Manuel García and Mª Isabel Ferrer winners in the 'XXI Popular Race to Benissa'

04 June 2018 - 07: 21

Once again the hegemony of the athletes of the Llebeig Athletics Club was revealed in the "XXI Popular Race to Benissa". In men José Manuel García was the winner, while in women Mª Isabel Ferrer she was the best again.

With a great atmosphere in the center of the municipality the afternoon began with the dispute of the tests where the youngest enjoyed running, at the same time, that pulled more than a smile between parents and relatives who did not stop encouraging them.

Once the races of the lower categories were completed, the trophies were handed over, and then the preparations for the start of the reign began.

From the same start, the strongest athletes began to set the pace to a huge squad that left a multicolored snake with the shirts of all the athletes. On this occasion, José Manuel García was the one who controlled from the beginning in the company of other athletes who were leaving.

The Llebeig Athletics Club athlete Xàbia he stood alone at the finish, with a time of 32: 16. After the although at a distance and between a great ovation came the local, Carlos Cabrera who made a record of 32: 56. The third place went to Gabriel Domenec, of the Athletismo Corremundos Club, with a 33 mark: 09-

Mª Isabel Ferrer clearly dominated the race

Little history had the race as far as the feminine classification, where the dominion of the xabiera, Maria Isabel Ferrer was total. An athlete who shows more dominance in each race was unrivaled as she was placed in the finish line with a time of 36: 36, more than 3 minutes ahead of the second classified, Gemma Ann Selby, from El Faro Athletics Club, who crossed the goal with a time of 40: 10. The third to arrive was, Isa Banyuls, from CA Automoción Moll, with a record of 41: 35.

Meaning the perfect organization that Benissa Athletics Club made before, during and after the test, all came out very satisfied, although tired from the effort made.

Ratings by category

junior Women

ª 1 Lucía Puig
ª 2 Aida Cuart
ª 3 Yousrra Zniber

Male youth

1 º Aiub Raissuni
2 º Carlos Lilienthal
3 º Jaume Albert

Senior women

ª 1 Nathalia Ayala
ª 2 Ximena Velez
ª 3 Cristina Monfort

Senior male

1 º José Manuel García
2 º Carlos Cabrera
3 º Gabriel Domenec

Veteranas A

ª 1 Mª Isabel Ferrer
ª 2 Gemma Ann Selby
ª 3 Gem Garrigues


1 º maximum Folques
2 º Javier López
3 º Juan Miguel Ferrer

Veteranas B

ª 1 Isa Banyuls
ª 2 Sonia Sanchez
ª 3 Ana Alberola

Veterans B

1 º Víctor Pérez
2 º Cristhian Ferreyra
3 º José María Orihuel

Veteranas C

ª 1 Violeta Gómez
ª 2 Merce Valin
ª 3 Magdalena Navarro

veterans C

1 º Ricardo Carañana
2 º Fernando Martin
3 º Joan Jaume Torres

Veteranas D

ª 1 Teresa Gregori
ª 2 Raquel Solivelles
ª 3 Laurence Rastell

veterans D

1 º Juan Antonio Amorós
2 º Emili Pérez
3 º Julio Moreno

Veteranas E

ª 1 Louisse Ambler
ª 2 Cachita Challis
ª 3 María Jose Alba

veterans E

1 º Paul Fletcher
2 º Salvador Signes
3 º Vicente Llopis

Veterans F

ª 1 Henriette Weeber
ª 2 Soledad Martínez
ª 3 Pepi Blanco

Veterans F

1 º Santiago Guzmán
2 º Jose Antonio Vera
3 º José Osuna

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