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Neighbors call for a comprehensive management plan port

16 October 2014 - 10: 44

The dianenses neighbors walk quite concerned about the situation in which it is currently engaged facade port city. A situation very roundly exposed in the debate on the Local Agenda 21. The request of the majority was that a comprehensive management plan is made port and stop putting that both patches.

There finance three projects, one Plan Trust funds and the remaining two by the Directorate General of Ports were presented. The first project is the rehabilitation of the old fish market. This project will house the new Tourist Office was praised by most of those present. The building will become a protected building in the center of the harbor front.

New office deTurismo

Another project was the traffic station of the bay to be located in the Moll of Martell, this sparked considerable debate, receiving much criticism while suggestions. One of the complaints was that a building that diminishes visibility given its projected volume. It is not meant to house a cafeteria considering that the area is saturated with that service. The vast majority felt that to dispatch tickets should not make a building with so much visual impact.

New Maritime Station

The third of the projects is the Paseo Marítimo, which would be executed by the company Varadero Port Dénia. With a layout from where the old building of Baleària up to Pont Street. It would be pedestrian and above all it serves to separate the current parking lots from the areas where pedestrians go. A bike lane will be built as well as tree planting.

Reflection of all present was knowing that serve their contributions if the decisions were already taken in advance.

  1. Wickie says:

    I agree with the view that it would be a shame that a large building (Station Traffic Bay) for ticket sales, because perspective and spaciousness of the harbor area would be lost be built.
    And, precisely for the same reason, I find it very unwise to rehabilitate the building of the former Fisherman's Market to convert it into a Tourist Office. It would be a shame to invest so much money in a building that also removes a lot of visual amplitude to an area that can become as attractive as the Port of Denia (especially if a port walk is to be built, hopefully with care). But, in addition, that building seems horrible to me); I think it's a real "barracks" (it is very long and also removes a lot of visibility from the Paseo de Cervantes, which would be much more attractive).

    • Tato sea says:

      I absolutely agree with WICKIE ...... but to consult, if it looks like everything has already been decided by the reflections of all those present at the meeting of the local 21 agency. 'Quina llastima ¡¡¡

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