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The neighbors of Jesús Pobre will no longer have to worry about the sun

November 28 from 2019 - 12: 17

After the integral remodeling of the town square and Lluna Street in November of 2018, as well as the installation of the mural in feminist graffiti last May, the Eatim de Jesús Pobre, through the works and services vocal Juan Ignacio Fornés, has planned the installation of a candle in the town square, with semi-detachable character to shade the summer months, and this space can be used for the enjoyment of neighbors and the shelter of the sun, which values ​​the residential character of the urban center, and occupy the public space for people.

The remodeling project of the square already included the previous foundation for the incorporation of the masts, so that from the municipal budgets of 2019, the bidding and adjudication of the work was carried out, corresponding to Carpas Zaragoza SL for the amount total of 16.560 euros plus VAT, transportation and installation included.

With the award, the aforementioned company proceeded to perform the technical calculations, project, and specific manufacturing of the microperforated canvas in beige color, as well as four steel masts with cast black termination, cuffs, accessories and supporting wiring, giving rise to to a shadow space with the deployment of a sail of 150 square meters of surface that has been in probationary period until the signing of the reception certificate today.

With this action, the vocal of works and services concludes the complete remodeling of the town square, "improving the urban quality of this space that will allow greater use in better conditions for the realization of recreational, cultural or festive events in summer, both for the shadow created with the sail, and the adaptability of the masts for the incorporation of lighting for events scheduled in the square ".

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