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Socialists propose the creation of a 'Museu de la Mar'

February 27 from 2015 - 19: 49

Dénia socialist group, headed by Vicent Grimalt, has announced its decalogue of actions in terms of territory and environment, a decalogue prepared with the collaboration of citizens and experts in the field such as Professor Jorge Mataix, César Bordehore, Joan Sala or the geographer Maria Josep Ripoll.

In the first point of the Decalogue propose the establishment of a Management Plan uses of the coastal zone that reflects, among other things, a real involvement of all actors concerned.

His second point focuses on the creation of a sub-branch of the Center for Underwater Archeology of the Valencian Community and the 'Museu de la Mar', to promote knowledge of maritime activities so rooted in our city, as well as research, study and awareness of the marine environment, marine biodiversity and its importance.

Integral Action Plan in the Natural Park of the Montgó is included as a third point, and includes cleaning, checking of parcels, creating evacuation plans, providing action projection Montgo, protecting a system of ecological corridors to ensure the connection between the main natural spaces and a cooperation plan with managers of natural Park to combat invasive alien species, near and inside El Montgó.

The Socialists also committed to creating an interconnected network of spaces with environmental, landscape, cultural values, integrating it green spaces and squares urban core to create an interconnected network of non-motorized routes as well as the declaration of areas of agricultural protection high environmental or landscape value.

The socialist Decalogue also includes the requirement for the Hydrographic Confederation of Júcar project completion sewerage Rotes-Montgó and improvement of drinking water supply with participation in the Regional Water Consortium and promotion of regional management of water resources.

As last points, they include the establishment of energy saving measures, the improvement of mobility and accessibility and the dignity of the neighborhoods and the promotion of the meeting in the public space as a basis for the creation of a strong civil society.

As in each of its decalogues, the socialist commitment is put in place during the year 2015.

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