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The Socialists present a package of "0 cost" measures to revive the local economy

February 06 from 2012 - 00: 00

The councilors of the socialist group of the city of Denia Jordi Serra and Paco Roselló have presented the decalogue that they have prepared with actions to reactivate the local economy and boost job creation in the city.

Emphasizing the difficult situation in which we find ourselves, the Socialists have presented measures linked to business and economic sectors such as the creation of the job market of local companies, setting up a table for employment, serious and rigorous implementation of the Commercial Action Plan, request subsidies for the remodeling of the industrial estate, the value of the area by creating a tourist brand Marina Alta and manage a network of companies and municipalities with the sector of nautical stations, hiking, short excursions.

The decalogue also includes the creation of a one-stop-shop to provide entrepreneurs with any type of bureaucratic management with the administration and a wide range of investments that go through the secondary branch of the Rotes-Montgó sewer system, redevelopment of the pending streets of the Les Roques, The improvement of the Cemetery Road, the redevelopment of the streets Fontanella, Sandunga and Colon from subsidies of the Diputación de Alicante.

As for the staff section, the councilors have insisted on the unnecessary hiring of external services provided they can be done by city officials and the withdrawal of publications "autobombo" as the latest magazine of the Department of Youth and Seniors. With regard to energy saving, the Socialists are committed to being very strict with street lighting programming, proposing a selective blackout that could allow the local administration to save between 15 and 25% of the energy expenditure, which is budgeted at 1.000.000 .XNUMX euros.

Jordi Serra has insisted that the mayor "has to put on her overalls" and knock on all doors to get supramunicipal administrations to invest in the city.

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