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The Socialists bet on the redevelopment of the environment of La Glorieta in the next four years

May 09 from 2019 - 08: 02

The 4 number of the application of the PSPV-PSOE, Maria Josep Ripoll, has shelled the proposals of the party to continue the urban transformation of Dénia in the coming years.

Ripoll recalled that during this term, the local government has carried out the rehabilitation of the old fish market, the renovation of the entire Cemetery Road, the improvement of the accessibility of the Camino de la Bota, the round ones of the Joan Fuster Avenue with the street Diana and Juan Chabás street, the renovation of sidewalks of the streets Sagunto, Colón and Quevedo, and the Avenida de Alicante, the redevelopments of Calle la Mar, Sandunga, San Francisco, Fontanella, Colón and the redevelopment of the square Archduke Carlos.

For the next four years, the Socialists announce that they will implement the redevelopment projects of Pare Pere Street, West and Tenor Cortis, San José and Mayor squares that will improve the urban environment of the new San José Street Library and Higher.

At the same time, the Socialists also bet on improving the environment of Glorieta with the redevelopment this place so characteristic of the city and the improvements in the streets Cop and Ramón y Cajal.

En Les Roques, the PSPV-PSOE is committed to the redevelopment and improvement of its streets, and announces another of the actions to improve urban quality in the city: the ideas competition of the site of the Calle Marques de Campo. For them, the socialists propose to convene a contest of ideas that includes the integration of the street station in the new space with the aim of turning it into a public space for people.

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