The sports and tourist ports and Turisme CV will organize a meeting to highlight nautical tourism

29 July 2020 - 14: 56

As a result of various information that is appearing on digital channels, the president of the Association of Sports and Tourist Ports of the Valencian Community, Gabriel Martínez, the Autonomous Secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer and the general director of Tourism, Herick Campos, have maintained a meeting in order to analyze the situation.

From the Ports Association it is ensured that the nautical activity is compatible with the conservation of the environment. "We say this under the protection of a study, prepared by the consulting firm Oceansnell and coordinated by the University of Alicante, which confirms the compatibility of the current nautical activity with the natural assets of the marine space of the Marina Alta," said Gabriel. Martinez. César Bordehore, professor in the Department of Ecology at the University of Alicante, also participated in the meeting, who confirmed that “through this study we verified the absence of drift marks and boat borneo, as well as the absence of large areas of forest dead of oceanic posidonia ”.

For his part, Francesc Colomer, stated that "it is necessary to report the true value of the nautical tourism product". Colomer has proposed to hold a meeting, in which the entire sector participates, to lay the foundations and put in value the nautical tourism of the Valencian Community ”. The president of the Association has pointed out that “every time they come to visit us with their ships or leave their ships in our ports, they contribute greatly to deseasonalization, job creation and the generation of wealth in our community. We should look at what neighboring countries do, such as France or Italy, where nautical tourism is so important that it has a special tax regime for the nautical issue. "

During the meeting it was exposed that the coast of Dénia has one of the largest barrier reefs of posidonia in the Mediterranean with an extension of seven kilometers. A natural barrier that runs from the Marge Roig to Punta dels Molins. "If there had not been that barrier reef, there would be no Dénia," Bordehore highlighted. Resource of great importance for underwater tourism that has yet to be explored.

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