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Professionals Dénia Health Department, disheartened by criticism of his work

22 2016 April - 11: 54

Heads of Service, Directors of Basic Health Zones, coordinators and supervisors of Nursing and other middle management of Dénia Department of Health have issued a statement to fend off accusations they receive for their work in the media.

The statement begins lamenting "That this crossing of political and trade union declarations and publications is resulting in a continuous disqualification of the care provided in the Department of Health", Remembering that "They confuse the legitimate criticism of management models with the disqualification of the work done by professionals".

Marina Hospital Health Professionals

Because of the attacks to which they are subjected, discouragement has grown considerably among the group of professionals in the department, "that we see how our work is not recognized, and also causes the growing distrust of the population, which undermines the patient's relationship with health professionals, basic to offer quality care", The statement said.

As for the quality offered by the Department of Health of Dénia, note that healthcare is demonstrated "in the different reports and evaluations of the Department of Health and other independent organizations, and with an accessibility (delays) located in the lowest of the Valencian Community".

They also report that "Regardless of how the ownership of the center is, we pay attention to the professionals, who are the ones who will continue attending to patients, whether or not the change in ownership occurs" and that "The deterioration of the image of professionals and the Department of Health, does not benefit the inhabitants of our region at all, it will cost a lot to recover, and only benefits those who have an interest in the malfunction of Public Health".

Finally, health professionals request that "Our work is respected, which we try to develop with the best of efforts, and avoid generating unjustified fears among the population" because "The best defense of Public Health is to make it work, which is what we all try to do in this Department of Health".

  1. Juan says:

    Those who do are doctors also criticism and pressure is unfortunate that we receive by managers and middle management. Are the incentives for this nociticia also will increase considerably?

  2. V. Palazuelos bert says:

    Totally agree.
    We always have to blame for everything, including people sick.
    We are not politicians, fans or Volumetric, we are just doctors.

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