New cases of coronavirus in nursing homes decrease 64% in one month

February 18 from 2021 - 10: 17

Since the start of vaccination against covid-19 in nursing homes for the elderly in the Valencian Community, the number of infections among residents and staff working in these centers has been decreasing.

In fact, for a month, the number of cases registered in nursing homes has dropped by 64%, going from registering during the third week of January to 1.299 new cases, to 472 notified throughout the past week.

Infections also decrease progressively among the staff who carry out their work in these centers for the elderly. The new cases of coronavirus registered among professionals in nursing homes have fallen by 67,36% in the period of one month, going from 380 in the third week of January to 124 new cases throughout the past week.

It should be noted that the staff, residents and workers of these centers have been the first to receive the vaccination doses, a campaign that the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health began at the end of December and that has allowed 44.945 doses of vaccines to be administered to elderly people in the residences and 39.515 doses of vaccines to the workers of these centers.

Likewise, the latest data from the Epidemiology service also reflect a decrease in coronavirus outbreaks in centers for the elderly. In this sense, in a period of one month the number of new outbreaks reported in residences has dropped by 78,04%, and at the same time, the number of active outbreaks has decreased by 23,04%.

Finally, since January, the number of nursing homes for the elderly in the entire Valencian Community that are under active surveillance has dropped by 4,76%.

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