The Moors and Christians say goodbye to Dénia with an improvised landing and an exiled Miracle of the Fog

August 17 from 2022 - 09: 59

Parties Moors and Christians of Dénia came to an end yesterday. They did it with the most disconcerting day, in which the programming was reinvented as the hours progressed and trying new location changes that caused some events to lose strength.

The last day of the festivities, the one with the hangover from the gala parade, still has several tricks up its sleeve. It usually has long-awaited events for festivities and followers of the Moors and Christians, such as the Battle of Alcabucía, the Miracle of the Fog and the castle of final fires. However, a series of decisions made this Sant Roc unique.

The first main course of the day was going to be the Battle of Alcabutería that would take place in La Vía street. However, in a hurry, almost improvised and without warning, it was decided to celebrate in the same place and almost at the same time the disembarkation Moro. It was supposed to take place last Saturday, but was canceled at the last minute due to strong winds. Therefore, they decided to celebrate a transcript of it, mixing with the Battle of Alcabutería, and almost secretly, since there was a lack of dissemination about this change in the program.

paper castles

In the afternoon, the Milagro de la Niebla premiered in its new location, La Vía again, which has not been very good for it. Last year it was held in the Plaza del Consell, creating an ideal setting with the castle of Dénia in the background and allowing the curious to come and enjoy the event. With La Vía, our historic monument has been replaced by a poor fake castle that has raised controversy among the rows.

In the same way, the distribution of the stage (along the street) did not benefit the fog at all, which, although it seems unimportant, is the main element of the event. While in the Consell it accumulated around the interpreters of the act due to the architecture of the place, this time the smoke as it came out of the cannons was lost towards the port. A miracle without much fog.

The Marina Alta is not here to fire rockets

To conclude, one last event whose change was almost a moral obligation and whose modification was tried to avoid until the end: the castle of fires. It was canceled due to lack of emergency supplies, since half of Marina Alta is on fire and there are no resources for parties. Now, it is even sad to think that if they had been able to assign a team of firefighters to a pyrotechnic show, the fuse would have been lit despite the alert for extreme fire risk and the current situation in the region.

The decision was the right one, but a more blunt and supportive response was expected from the capital of the Marina Alta, and not canceling just four hours before starting and because "the mobilization of emergency personnel in the Les Valls fire prevents For security reasons, the shooting of the castle at the end of the party».

Four decades well celebrated

A last day that, in any case, cannot overshadow the great week of festivities despite having had so much against it. The Moors and Christians have celebrated their 40th anniversary with a program at the level of a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest. There are still things to polish, but the filaes can be proud of their great return and the expectation generated. Thousands of people will be attentive next summer to the great Dianense August party.

  1. help us says:

    I had seen many walls but this one had been the best. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE TEAM.

  2. javi says:

    It seems to me a success because the width of the street can accommodate many more people than the Plaza del Consell. For me, this year has been the best in 40 years. Congratulations to all the participants, next year more and better because we will have already overcome the little mistakes congratulations and bye

  3. pituca says:

    Who would have thought of the prefabricated castle, having the Plaza del Consell? The street of the road has horrible buildings, some for demolition, and they "look" good in the photos. Come on, they don't want to come to the party.