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The best tips to keep your vehicle in good condition during confinement

22 2020 April - 11: 00

The quarantine period that we are living in the last few weeks has caused changes in our routine and has taught us to carry out many of our activities differently. One of the things that has changed is the use of our vehicles, which has decreased markedly during confinement.

From Peumovil They show us the best advice, both for the vehicles that we are going to use during the confinement, and for those that are going to remain stopped:

1. Start the engine every week for 5-10 minutes. We can take advantage of an errand that we have pending if we believe it necessary.

2. Check the tire pressure once a month, taking advantage of the trip to the gas station to refuel

3. If we are not going to use the vehicle, we are advised to inflate the wheels to 3 kilos before parking it, to avoid deformation

4. Disconnect the battery of our vehicle if we are not going to use it during the quarantine period

With these simple tips your car will remain in the best condition during this period.

Image: Peumovil quarantinePeumovil quarantine
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