Overseers of Sant Roc feature a program of events with some cuts compared to other years

August 02 from 2010 - 22: 54

They will not participate in the gala parade Moors and Christians nor will there be a giant band rice tasting.

Despite budget cuts, the foremen of Sant Roc program held in major events such as the VII Swim across the Port of DéniaWhich will be the 7 August at 10: 30 the morning and already registered more than 150 people from all over the country. That same day, from the 19 hours you will be held one pilota game at trinquet The Rovellet.

The 8 Sunday in August will be held on Paellas Contest in the Calle Marques de Campo.

On the night of August 11 foremen Cokes distributed in popular dinner held at La Via and enlivened by the Orquesta Pirata.

16 day, day of Sant Roc, two religious events will be held to honor the patron: A Mass sung at Coral Sant Bonaventura of Pedreguer in the Church of the Assumption from the 11: 30 morning and traditional Procession in honor of Sant Roc which will tour the center of Dénia from 20: 30 hours. To close the festival, Fireworks in the harbor at midnight.

Saturday August 21 will take place Fishing Contest in North Jetty from the 22 hours.

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