Asahi Wellness massages are gift

09 October 2014 - 00: 00

Asahi Welfare

Autumn is a good time to return to take care of our body and let ourselves be pampered in a relaxed environment in which smells, colors and sounds accompany our well-being.

That's why it's a perfect time to order a massage in Asahi Welfare, where they have a wide range of massages for your entire body perfect to get the balance you need.

It stimulates circulation, eliminates tension and activates all the internal mobility of your body with the Hot Stone massage, in which the stones are the protagonists in contact with your skin.

Enjoy a body massage, a padabhyanga foot massage or an Abdyangam facial massage. And recover that for every two massages, you have access to one hour of jacuzzi and sauna.

Hot Stone Massage

  1. Adriana Torres says:

    Hello Andiara, we are here to assist you in our urban spa, "A SMALL EASTERN PARADISE" where you escape from the world and you will leave as new. We have a wide variety of massages, where you can surely identify with one of them. We wait for you at Calle Colon 43. Telephone 965782720

  2. Andiara says:

    What a delight to relax in a quiet place, I would love to receive a massage ... bs