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The most regular of the XXIII Circuit to Peu Marina Alta received their trophies

17 June 2019 - 11: 24

El XXIII Circuit to Peu Marina Alta the curtain went down with its traditional dinner-gala trophy presentation that this time was the setting for the restaurant Salons Ambra of Pego. There met a wide representation of regional athletes, who wore their best clothes on a very special night.

The act began with the awarding of prizes to the winners in the lower categories. In Benjamins the first three classified were: María Devesa, Anna Caravaca and Andrea Collado. In guys were Álex Sangil, Joan Buigues and Adai Prada. In category Youngsters the best ones were Julia Estruch, Meriel Luján and Ainhoa ​​Savall. While in boys the winners were Roc Martí, Izan Crespo and Marco García.

In category infant the winners were Cristina Bañuls, Laura De Lamo and Yaiza Juan, while in boys they received trophies Pau Moncho, Carlos González and Adnan Amhit Ait.

Finally, in the category cadet The winners were Zoe Grimalt, Ana González and Carme Espinós. In boys the winners were Luca Bizzoto, Aleix Botella and Miguel Miñana.

Recognition of María Isabel Ferrer

After this first part of trophy delivery, we went to taste the rich dinner prepared for this event, after which the trophies were resumed but this time for the major events. The first of the recognitions was for the companies collaborating with the Circuit. Later it was the athlete Mª Isabel Ferrer who received recognition for his career on the part of his club Llebeig Xábia.

Moha Rida Younes was the star

It began awarding the category Juvenile where in women stood out Aitana Valera, Carla Serra and Lidia Navarro. In boys the best three were Alan Serra, Ramzi Raissuni and Alejandro Miret. In the category senior The best female was Cristina Roselló, who did not collect her prize when she was absent for sports competition, her cousin was in charge of collecting the trophy. They also collected their trophies Nathalia Ayala and Rosa María Lara. In boys the best was Youssef Ahatach, followed by Kiket Roselló and Felipe Fayos.

En veterans, the most outstanding were Gema Ann Selby, Natalia Campos and Aloma Martí. In men, the winners were Moha Rida Younes, José Manuel García and Miguel Ángel Martínez. In the category Veterans B, the winners were Marta Ortego, Carol Frasquet and Encarna Cardona. In men the trophies went to Miguel Ferrer, Joan Gomar and Germán Zadowozniz.

In category veterans C The winners with a trophy were María Mulet, Consuelo Alemany and Violeta Gómez. In men, the best were Diego Vidal, Víctor Pérez and Javier López. In Veterans D, the most regular were Irene Calabuig, M.ª del Mar Pérez and Raquel Solivelles. In men they received their trophies Víctor Fernández, José Enguix and Antonio Ortega.

En veterans E, the award-winning women were Maxine McKinnon, Louise Ambler and Pamela McCarthi. In men the most regular were José Antonio Amorós, José Vicente Mañez and Josep Catalá. In Veterans F the winners were, Jane Aromush, Andrea Johanesdottir and Gema Miñana. In trophies were Vicente Llopis, Vicent De Juan and Francesc Ferrer.

The last of the award-winning categories was the Veterans G. In the girls their trophies were collected by Sylvia Berger, Sole Martínez and María Vicente. In men were Salvador Signes, José Antonio Vera and Jord Straufm.

In this edition, the award for the effort awarded by Radio Dénia Cadena Ser, was for Toñi Buigues of CA Llebeig Xàbia.

In women the absolute winner was Cristina Roselló in front of Maxime McKinnon and Ann Gelma Selby. In men the first three classified were Moha Rida Younes, José Manuel García Barragán and Youssef Ahatach.

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