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Most of € 2.500 raised in the Solidarity March and I are in school Raquel Payà

16 2014 April - 09: 36

Yesterday was a very special day for the whole team of people who make Denia.com y Javea. Com.
In the morning, our commercial director David Ribes, He presented more than 2.500 euros thanks to the organization of the I Solidarity March for the College of Education Special Raquel Payà raised.

In total, 2.616 euros undoubtedly help the school to acquire new material and meet the educational needs of children with 75 currently has surrendered center.

Maite Marti, director of the center, showed to be very excited and thanked "her effort to all the people who have been involved in this project, both in the organization and in the collaboration and participation".

From Denia.com and Javea.com, again, thanks.

Delivery of the collection to coelgio Raquel Payà

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