The premises of Loreto street are kept closed due to their disadvantageous conditions

02 June 2020 - 09: 39

La Loreto street It is one of the most important areas in terms of restoration of the urban area of ​​Dénia. Its premises are a meeting place for thousands of diners who daily opt for these establishments for lunch or dinner away from home. One of the liveliest hotel areas in the Marina Alta. But, also, one of the most affected by the health crisis.

Despite having permission to use 40% of its interior from this Monday, the lack of terraces due to security measures prevents the reactivation of these companies that, again in Phase 2, find it unfeasible to return to their activity. The street conditions, its narrowness that prevents a sufficient separation between tables of the same premises and with respect to the neighboring terraces, has forced most of the businesses of the place to keep the blind down during Phase 1.

However, most places depend on their terraces since their interiors have a very limited normal capacity. They live off the balance between exterior and interior occupation. Without one of these two legs, the business cannot be sustained, and this is what was revealed on the first day of Phase 2.

They can already open 40% inside, but it is not enough to make it profitable without the support of the tables outside that they are not allowed to install. That is why most of them remain closed waiting to see how the de-escalation measures progress.

"The first thing that is filled on these dates are the terraces", points out one of these owners who still do not know when they can resume business. The delay in the resolution of requests to occupy the public highway, together with the limited capacity available to them in Phase 2 in their small interiors, forces them to wait until the next phases. And not only that, but they are aware that in many cases customers, with the pandemic lurking, feel more insecure when consuming indoors, being able to do so in a more open area, which creates a strong disadvantage compared to businesses that do have permission to place terraces.

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