The most read books and comics in 2022 in the Dénia Library

February 07 from 2023 - 15: 36

At the end of 2022, the municipal public library on Calle de Sant Josep recounts its activity to find out what the reading trends are in Dénia. From the most widely read authors to the most recurring themes, the figures speak of the tastes, concerns and interests of the Dianense population.

From the library, the figures for the issuance of new cards stand out; the number of new users amounts to 798, 161 more than in 2021. Visits to the library to study, rent books or use the book access computer devices have been 75.800, 9.000 more than the previous year. Although the greatest growth has been registered in the number of loans; in 2022, more than 34.600 were made, compared to 15.197 in 2021. In addition to the loan service, the library organizes activities to promote reading; in 2022, there were 148 activities including storytelling for children and adults, courses, meetings, video presentations and school visits.

The protagonist of the readings in the adult fiction section has been Carmen Mola (pseudonym of the authors Jorge Díaz, Agustín Martínez and Antonio Mercero); the black fictions of The beast as The gypsy bride, have been the most borrowed books in 2022 among works of fiction. Closely followed by the war novel The Italian by Arturo Pérez-Reverte and the mystery story The forging of a rebel by Lorenzo Silva and Noemi Trujillo. Also noteworthy are classic authors of Hispanic literature such as Isabel Allende (Violeta), Julia Navarro (From nowhere) or Maria Dueñas (Sira), among other non-Spanish speakers such as the Italian novelist and screenwriter Andrea Camilleri with Alcyon's Cook.

Meanwhile, in preferences in the non-fiction mode, self-help books by psychiatrist Marián Rojas Estapé have prevailed with titles such as Find your vitamin person o How to make good things happen to you. In addition, the interest in food and cooking stands out, from the manual book of the nutritionist Blanca García, DTell me what you eat and I'll tell you what bacteria you have, in the books of autochthonous Valencian gastronomy Arrossos and molt més (Ximo Carrion) and valencian cokes (Chelo Peiro).

In the comic, the Dianenses opt as the first option for the derailed adventures of the Ibáñez classic Mortadelo and Filemon. Next, the Japanese manga tops the list; users have rented my hero academy (Kohei Horikoshi) guardians of the night (Koyoharu Gotōge) or Attack of the Titans (Hajime Isayama), mainly.

The literary habits of young people

The little ones also have their own space on the ground floor of the library; the little ones have taken home books related to the adventures of superheroines, as is the case of the little rats, or fictions based on films and children's series such as Let's save the train!, paw patrol: Luca. The book of the movie, of the Disney character. Among the three most read books, the manual has also slipped yoga for little ones by Christiane Engel.

Youth users have opted for choral readings in which a group of friends face situations together, especially fictions in which they talk about the passion for soccer, such as The Futbolísimos (Roberto Santiago), The Compas (written by youtubers specialized in online games El Trollino, Timba Vk and Mikecrack) or the eleven (Roberto Santiago). He also highlighted fiction in comic format with Greg's life (Jeff Kinney), where he talks about the experiences of a high school student.

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