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Carbohydrates: our allies

August 11 from 2014 - 00: 00

Carbohydrates in the competition

Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. To load these deposits optimally, a diet with emphasis on carbohydrates especially one to two days before the competition is recommended. Also during exercise products rich in carbohydrates promote performance and prevent premature fatigue.


HIGH ENERGY Multipower sticks and ISO DRINK are very compatible and provide, thanks to the appropriate mixture of carbohydrates, fast and long-lasting energy. Phase directly after training should be used to recharge new energy stores and rebuild muscle tissue micro-breakages produced during exercise. They are suitable for this product with a combination of carbohydrates and protein, such as RE-CHARGE DRINK.

Carbohydrates for building muscle mass

Also for muscle building, carbohydrates play an important role. Only through an increased and regular supply of nutrients and calories muscle building can work. Products rich in carbohydrates offer an effective possibility of ensuring a necessary excess of calories of approximately 500 per day. Carbohydrates provide the energy needed to train intensely with strength and for a long time - the basic requirement for muscle building. After training it is important to supply the body with the necessary nutrients so that the micro injuries of the muscle tissue that have been made during training can be repaired and in this way achieve muscle growth. A combination of carbohydrates and propheine, such as the Multipower MASSGAINER, is responsible for an effective supply of nutrients to the musculature. In addition, the empty energy deposits in the muscles are recharged and thus the general recovery is fevorece.

Carbohydrates for weight regulation

Studies have shown that a reduced energy with high-quality protein, combined with workout machines, diet can lead to significant weight loss and positive changes in the body structure. Another study also based success long term maintenance of body weight when additionally the glycemic index (GI) is slightly reduced. Foods with a low GI are eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, salad, some fruit and nuts. I have a high GI such as potatoes, pasta, sweets and some juices. It is definitely important to increase the contribution of protein to feed a healthier way. Here protein supplements such as shakes are ideal because they are low in calories and at the same time contain almost no fat.

To enjoy and succeed in the long term, you should start doing sports or at a minimum try to make a more active lifestyle.

The relevance of increased activity also highlights that muscle mass and muscle strength is reduced when we see a very inactive lifestyle from the 30 years. Physical activity and a balanced diet can slow this process down or back again. The development then depends on yourself.

Mantenimientio optimal muscle mass to a very high age, although sometimes associated with much effort, it helps you have better quality of life, attractive and performance.

All these tips and many more you can have in Musculmanía, experts in nutrition and personal training in Ondara.

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