The elements of the faults come together in the presentation of María Ots as a major child faller of the Center failure

10 December 2018 - 10: 57

La fails Center of Dénia held last Sunday, December 9, the presentation of the small Maria Ots Mut as a senior child faller of the commission for the 2018-2019 exercise.

The event started with a conversation between the father and the president's younger brother, proud that Carlos Ramis is the president of the children's commission this year.

The presenter, Gala Aspas, was in charge of uniting the main elements of the failures on stage: voice, music, light and color. Little Alejandra Rodríguez gave shape to the music with a choreography prior to the departure of the children's president.

Carlos Ramis received the cane from his brother and prepared to receive the numerous children's commission of the Center fault on stage. Together, they wrapped up María Ots in her reception as a senior child faller 2019. The charges of last year were those who imposed the greater faller band on Maria, who could not contain the tears of emotion.

Then, the voice of his father, Juan, began to explain the oriental legend of the red thread, which unites people for a lifetime. But it was his mother, María Mut, who took the stage to address a few words to little Maria, remembering how she came to their lives from China eight years ago.

After the usual remarks, Carlos and María took the floor to finalize the act, which marks the ecuador of one of its most special years as components of the Centro fault.

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