The Local and National Police of Dénia celebrate the day of the Guardian Angels

02 October 2018 - 16: 02

Big day for the members of the Local Police and the National Police of Dénia, who have celebrated the act of the day of the Guardian Angels, the day of the Police.

The social center has welcomed the celebration in an act chaired by the Mayor of Dénia, Vicent GrimaltThe Councilor for Citizen Security, Javier Scotto, the Chief Inspector, Chief of the Police Station of the National Police, Alejandro Sánchez Moreno, and the Chief Commissioner of the Local Police, José Martínez Espasa.

Congratulations to local police officers

The officials of the Local Police Claudia-Noelia Clemente García-Miguel have received public congratulations; Roberto Santos Salazar; Leoncio Vidal Palomares; Santiago Ordiñana Palmer; José Enrique Camarena Salvador; Vicente Israel Triviño Carreño; Vicente Salvador Gadea Llorens; Jorge Hernández Bertó; Susana Sendra Crespo; Juan José Bordes Vidal; Juan José Calabuig Llopis; Alejandro Jiménez Franco; Roberto Moragues Colomer; Luis Amores; Alberto Alberola Morcillo and Javier Fernández Romacho. Likewise, the cross has been given to police merit Eva Gadea Palones and Pablo Checa Cano.

Finally, the medal of the Local Police, as approved by the plenary of the Corporation unanimously, has been delivered to the magistrate Pedro Pablo Abad Ortiz. Judge Abad, of the investigating court number 1, has also received the recognition of the Dénia Police Station of the National Police Corps.

Special remarks

The National Police has awarded special mention to Justo Carrascosa and Antonio Sánchez Triano; a recognition to his professional career to José Ramón Martín Carrascosa and a commemorative plaque to Francisco Jordá, of Bronces Jordá, for the donation to the police station of a sculpture of the Guardian Angel.

The sub-inspector Raúl Gómez Peral has received the white cross to the police merit and the cross of dedication to the police service for his 25 years of service; the police Alberto Cuartas Gutiérrez, the white cross to the police merit; the sub-inspector José Ros Peñaranda, the cross of the Honorable and Royal Order of the Knights of San Cristóbal and the police Ángel Souto López and Francisco Miguel González Aguilar, of the Citizen Security brigade, and Javier Prieto Marqués and Manuel García Montoya, of the judicial brigade, have received a metopa "for their tireless function and extraordinary dedication."

Drawing awards from the National Police

The act has served to deliver, on the part of the National Police, of the prizes and diplomas to the winners and finalists of the I Contest of drawing "Your police always close", in which they have participated more of 800 schoolchildren of the city, leaving seven finalists.

El primer premio ha recaído en Darío Bermejo, del colegio público It montgó; el segundo ha sido para Altea Sanz, del colegio Maristas y el tercero para Adriana Mihaila Mañas, del colegio Les Vessanes. También han recibido un diploma de participación los otros cuatro finalistas del certamen.

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