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Residential centers for the elderly resume family visits in Phase 2

01 June 2020 - 12: 17

The residential centers for the elderly will allow family visits to resume with the entry into force of phase 2 of the Valencian Community, as established by the resolution of the Vice-Presidency and Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies that establishes the Plan of transition to the new normality derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resolution, published in the Official Gazette of the Valencian Generalitat (DOG), regulates de-escalation both in residential centers and in day-care centers, sheltered housing and Specialized Centers for the Care of the Elderly (CEAM), Comprehensive Centers for the Elderly (CIM) and in similar centers.

Entering phase 2 will also allow the re-entry of all users who, during the pandemic, requested voluntary discharge with reservation of space as well as new income from the second week of this phase 2, provided that, in both cases, the center has places available for isolation and that the person requesting admission has a negative PCR test.

Re-entry or re-entry will be carried out in a single room with a bathroom for exclusive use, where he will remain in isolation for fifteen days and will undergo another PCR test, which must be negative in order for him to be authorized to live together in the center.

As for the visits, it has been established that they must be by appointment, of up to two family members or close people per resident person who must enter individually, except if they are cohabiting, in which case they can enter together.

To avoid crowds in the residence, the center will organize a maximum of daily visits, which will be regulated in sections, between 25% and 10% of the center's capacity, depending on the number of residents.

Family members should take their temperature before entering the center and observe the hygiene and prevention measures established by the health authorities, in particular, maintaining the two-meter safety distance, hand hygiene and the use of a mask.

Likewise, when requesting a prior appointment, you must answer a questionnaire that prevents entry into the visiting center with symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

For these visits, the management will determine, as far as possible, a place close to the access of the center with sufficient dimensions to guarantee the social distance of two meters, and in which the visits of family members can meet, avoiding their ambulation. In the center.

In the event that the center has outdoor spaces, the visit will preferably take place in said spaces, provided they are for private use and the weather permits.

Between one visit and another, the cleaning staff will disinfect the facilities as established in the contingency plan, and upon suspicion or confirmation of a COVID-19 outbreak, the center's management will suspend visits as a preventive measure.

Activities and services

Phase 2 also allows the development of the activities that were developed prior to the pandemic situation in the areas of psychological care, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, animation activities, as well as prevention and health promotion, according to the structural characteristics of the center and respecting the established security measures.

The hairdressing and podiatry services will continue their activity by appointment, individual attention and guaranteeing safety and hygiene measures. Residents will come to the service with a mask and at the established time, and once each service has been carried out, the material and surfaces used will be disinfected.

In this second phase, it will not be possible to carry out recreational outings for the residents either individually or in groups, which will be possible in phase 3.

Centers and homes

On the other hand, with regard to the CEAM / CIM and coexistence homes for the elderly, they will reopen the attention in their normal schedule, but exclusively by appointment.

Access to the facilities should involve disinfection of footwear and orthopedic measures, such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc., through disinfecting processes or solutions, and the temperature of the user must also be taken, and the center cannot be accessed if it is greater than 37,5º.

The user must wear a mask and use all the hygiene and safety measures established by the health authorities and must not be accompanied to the center's facilities, unless third-party help is required.

In phase 2, the activity will be exclusively on an individual basis and only for paraffin, podiatry, physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapies and hairdressing services. Once phase 3 is completed, active aging workshops can also be held with small groups of up to ten people.

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