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Western charges receive the scrolls at the nomenaments gala

28 October 2019 - 11: 05

Last Saturday, the West Falla celebrated the gala and dinner of nomenaments 2020 An exciting night with the delivery of the mentions and the scrolls to the charges.

Image: María Perles, host of the event

First, the 2020 External Mention was delivered to Begoña Masiá Larrosa, who, excited, picked up the recognition of his great fallera trajectory. Next, it was the turn of revealing the name of the fallero that would collect the Internal Mention. This was Valentín Alcalà Martínez, recognized with the 2020 Internal Mention for his great work and dedication to the fallero world. Valentine, visibly nervous and excited, dedicated a few words to all attendees.

Image: Valentín Alcalà receives the Internal Mention

Then, it was the turn of the delivery of 2020 Scrolls where the charges of last year, Martina, Rafa, Cristina and Jose, delivered the accreditations to the new charges, Noa, Julio, Pachús and Álex. The event ended with the gratitude of the presenter Maria Perles and the dinner accompanied by the Charanga Cachorras Band.

Image: The charges of 2020 next to its scrolls
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