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Free yourself from stress with relaxation techniques in Orenda

November 28 from 2014 - 10: 00


For many people, it is synonymous with relaxation sit on the couch watching TV and doing nothing. For others, go shopping and thereby reduce anxiety levels. Some seek evasion that provide alcohol and other exciting. Sports, perhaps, is the way most people know to release the tension. However, to destress effectively, we need to activate the relaxation response in the body and this is achieved through breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

Learning to breathe is one of the keys to relax. By undergoing stressful situations, the first thing we do is change our breathing. It becomes shallow and shorter. Our lungs and cells receive less oxygen and we feel confused. Fear takes hold of us. In those moments of stress, we don't think clearly, our heart is racing, we can't find anything, we don't know what to do and we panic.

Relaxation at Orenda

Through relaxation and meditation, we connect with our interior, calm down, listen to what our being needs, think more clearly and let our body and mind rest.

The breathing, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking are very useful tools that help us regain calm and well-being that we all need to everyday stressful situations.

As we train our body every week at the gym, or take care of our personal hygiene, it is essential to learn to train our minds to positively address problems that arise us in our daily lives. We are body, mind and spirit and we need to nurture and take care of every part of our being.

I hope in the next workshop will celebrate Relaxation in the Center Orenda Natural Therapies next Saturday November 29 10.30 from 13.00 hours to. With the help of the emotional therapist Mariana Rodríguez, we will learn simple exercises to relax your mind, to calm down and to approach the difficulties of life in a more positive way. The workshop has a promotional price of 20 euros. We have a limited capacity, so reserve your place in the number 965 780 690 or in the email address centroorenda@gmail.com

We are also forming groups for weekly relaxation classes. Find out without obligation.

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