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“L'escaldà de la pansa” by Jesús Pobre, a must-see in late August

August 31 from 2014 - 13: 15

As is traditional, the "Escaldà de la Pansa" is celebrated in Jesus Pobre on the last weekend of August, an event commemorating the activity that was formerly done in the Marina Alta region to carry out the Muscat Raisin.

This year, already counting its fifth edition, the event has brought together hundreds of people, especially foreigners very curious folk traditions of the region.

Scheldt 2014 Pansa, visitors

In the Riu Rau "Del Senyoret", a former rehabilitated Riu Rau, "llateras" (women who work the llata, similar to esparto), men in charge of the "canyissos" (cane stands to spread the grapes) you pass and let them dry) and men in charge of poaching the raisin.

New this year, there have been a character in charge of the process and go explained while reciting poems of María Ibars and Vicent Balaguer, who attended the event.

Scheldt 2014 Pansa

Culture and tradition

This claim by party emerges as recover the traditions and culture of the Alta own Marina, a culture that goes through care field, cultivation of the vine and crafts with esparto, Can and other materials that could be found in the field.

Scheldt 2014 Pansa, ladies working the Llata

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