«The truths about the TRAM»

February 24 from 2023 - 14: 12

From the inn in servei de nou on Line 9 of the TRAM d'Alacant to the region of La Marina AltaThis infrastructure has patit a continuous and surprising asset from different political currents.

Since Compromís, Partit that the Navy has always boasted of 'fer region', above all it seems to bother a transport mitjà that returns to structure-us and connect-us and that, moreover, in the particular case of Dénia, has endowed it with 'A great avenue like that of Joan Fuster is very well lined with the old barrier that you can see for the integration of the Montgó area.

But more greu faces is the position of the Partit Popular, not for the fet of being against or in favor of the TRAM (lliures are of opinion-ne the one who vulllguen), but for the groller attempt to manipulate public opinion shamelessly lied about the viability of the current service, taking advantage of the recent news about the Rodalies of Cantàbria and Astúries.

It is not possible to deal with citizenship in this way, pretending that it buys false discourse. It is not to serve the people there, I feel that the mitjans matter to support the objectives.

And it is not right to try to brutalize in this way a public service in the modernization of which 150 million euros have been invested, mostly suffraged by the aid of European funds, to end with the situation of deixadesa of the line i the perillositat consequent inherited from the successius governs of the Partit Populat to the Generalitat.

The mateixa deixadesa in which the bridges that mark the route of the TRAM fins to Alicante have been for decades and that the Government of Ximo Puig It is rehabilitating, something announced and informed to the citizens from the first day.

Is Mr. Mazón now interested in the TRAM? You have become accustomed to these types of performances towards the gallery, the 'toast to the sun', which promises a definitive solution for the connection between Gandia and its current type of competence in the matter.

I don't know if this way of facing some elections, autonomous and municipal, is more shameful or sad. But in order to respond to this unfortunate strategy, and so little respectful of the citizenry, always up to date, with maximum transparency.

It is not possible to aspire to preside over the Government of all Valencians and Valencians with lies as a rule.

  1. Yolanda says:

    If the concept of this train is to communicate the towns of the interior, I accept it.
    But they do not want to sell me that it communicates with Alicante, because three hours of travel and without bathrooms is not an operational transport to communicate with an important urban center where there is an airport. Denia is an isolated town with disastrous communications with the provincial capitals. It is a shame that Gandia does not have a connection with Denia through a railway and thus have a faster transport route with Valencia.

  2. Lluis says:

    Seniors of the PSPV, 3h to Alacant are not something to be proud of