Les Rodamons

It specializes in the world of socio cultural animation company

Les Rodamons Association, who works in the creation and management of recreational and educational activities, emerged in 1994 initiative of five young people with experience in animation in different events. Mónica Palacios, president of this entity, explained that the objective of Les Rodamons "is to bring innovative ideas within the social part of the recreational and educational activities."

Les Rodamons is a very dynamic association, says Mónica Palacios: "People have been changing; fixed are five or six, but depending on the activities that we do we get in touch with more partners and can become 20 or 30. " All members of Les Rodamons graduates are work-related disciplines develop: Social Education, Philosophy, Teaching, Fine Arts and Animation Socio-Cultural, among others.

Among the activities undertaken throughout his career are different medieval fairs, summer schools and Christmas, recreation and leisure, cavalcades of Kings, theater, street performances, makeup workshops, private animations, puppet shows ...

The association also works regularly with different groups, in presentations, animations clowns, staged readings, etc.

  1. Lara Monfort says:

    Hola..sóc a mom who viu ací to Dénia, but not a gent of the poble conn. ¿Com could form part d'aquesta Associació ?? .. ¿requisits Quins són ?? Moltes Gracies. A més, Voldria know if they activitats that feu, could Anar amb el meu small.

  2. Isabel says:

    I need to contact this association. You can facilitate me? my phone is 639.063.619 and my name is Isabel.
    Thank you very much.

  3. alejandro nandar says:

    I am a graduate in Dramatic Art Valley College, I would like to know a little more of the working group, I always work in the social field with focus on stagecraft and through the clown, in my plans I would travel to Denia as vivven have family there, I would like to work with you thank you very much.

  4. Gloria says:

    Fantastiques !!

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