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January 31 from 2019 - 09: 00

Yvonne, massages, aesthetics & beauty always offers you the latest trends in technology applied to the skin and beauty. For this reason, they want to highlight two very effective treatments that already have: Ecleris EP (electroporator) virtual mesotherapy, radiofrequency and the Minivac diamond tip face and body.

Virtual mesotherapy Ecleris EP® (electroporator)

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, eliminate acne scars, reaffirm your breasts, neck, or tone down your lines of expression and cellulite, this treatment will be effective for you.

It is an alternative to conventional mesotherapy, is non-invasive and applies without needles and is painless.

The treatment is performed by electrical stimuli that alter cell polarization by opening channels of the plasma membrane that favor the passage of substances allowing the introduction of drugs through the skin with ease.

Among its advantages are that there is no risk of chemical burns, muscle fasciculations, pain and inflammation. It is not contraindicated in prosthesis, it does not require a conductive gel.

Minivac Punta Diamante for face and body

The Diamond Tip Company® is a microdermabration device with pioneering diamond tips. It has high exfoliation precision and is perfect for a safe, smooth and controlled peeling. If you want to have a soft, smooth and imperfect skin, this is your treatment.

Do not stay without discovering the best technology applied to beauty. And book your appointment in Yvonne, massages, aesthetics & beauty, on the phone 607 304 320.

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