The beaches are already marked

30 June 2020 - 12: 22

Starting tomorrow the high season of the beaches of Dénia, where their services will be, or should be, guaranteed to the maximum.

For this reason, the City Council today completed the installation of the beaconing on the coastline. This will have the function of delimiting the bathing area, up to 200 meters from the shore, between the Molinell river and the end of Les Rotes.

In the same way, the different boat channels have been placed so that these and other aquatic devices can access the sea or the beach.

From the City Council they ask the neighbors and visitors to respect the delimited areas to guarantee the safety of all.

  1. Sofia Rodriguez Torre says:

    Complaint about the cleanliness of the entire beach, the Marineta Cassiana leaves part uncleaned, part of the corner of the stones where the algae are from last year, they smell and fill with mosquitoes, they dirty the entire beach, the current drags them for that reason is always dirty by please take this into account.

  2. Sofia Rodriguez Torre says:

    I complain that they return this year to do the same thing as last year, they have to clean the entire beach of the Marineta Cassiana they leave the part uncleaned where the stones a quiet corner where we have grouped a group of older people for years, since last year was impossible and I hope this year is not the same, first the hagas are from last year they smell bad and are full of mosquitoes, they dirty the whole beach the current takes them all over the beach that's why it is always so dirty, I hope that take us into account we have already made more complaints and everything remains the same do not pay attention, please take it into account

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