The works in Marqués de Campo will include the Fallas, Mig Any de Moros i Cristians and Holy Week in Dénia

February 02 from 2023 - 13: 23

La Calle Marques de Campo she is closer to showing off an improved version of herself. Actions related to the repair of the pavement and the change of light points on the road will begin next week, in order to get rid of the deterioration it presents. The construction project defines the state of the street as "a danger to motorized traffic and the movement of people."

For this reason, the works on the main street of Dianense will begin next Monday, February 6 and have a term of execution of four months, taking into account the pause foreseen during Fallas, Mig Any de Moros i Cristians and Holy Week. The performances will take place from the port towards Glorieta.

The award of the project, approved on December 15, 2022 by the Governing Board, was granted to the company Nerco Infraestructuras SL for a value of 396.033 euros with VAT included.

The works have three key action points and will be carried out from the port in the direction of the Glorieta:

One of the three key action points is the resurfacing and improvement of the existing pavement at cross street junctions:

  • Cross with Diana street.
  • Crossing with Carlos street Sentí.
  • Cross with Cándida Carbonell street.
  • Crossing with Temple de Sant Telm street.
  • Cross with Sandunga street.
  • Cross with Fontanella street.

The second important action will be the resurfacing and improvement of the surface of Marqués de Campo street, between Diana and Carlos streets. Sentí, a section in which there are traces of wheeled traffic and irregular settlements of the road surface.

Finally, the improvement of lighting will also be key with the replacement of the 106 existing light points with a new model of LED technology.

For the development of this reform of the street, the Dénia Town Hall has a subsidy of 181.670,10 euros from the Plan Plan of the Alicante Provincial Council.

Affected by the works

From the town hall, the neighborhood, merchants and hoteliers in the area, in different meetings held in recent days, the project and the execution periods. At the same time, this week the distribution of mailboxes has begun in the houses of the entire street in order to notify the start of the actions and the details of them.

In addition, the city's festive entities have been taken into account, with which the Councilor for Territory, Maria Josep Ripoll, has also met to explain the work execution deadlines and how this affects the celebrations that have Marqués de Campo street as the main stage. In this regard, the councilor has informed the group that both in Fallas and Mig Any de Moros i Cristians and at Easter the works will be stopped to allow the planned festive events and facilitate the passage of pedestrians on dates of special tourist influx.

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    Dear Perrouin, your deplorable comparison is striking, since if you are dissatisfied you could opt for Paris, for example, although perhaps there you would not complain to those who consider it the dirtiest and filthiest city in Europe.

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    Bonjour or Good morning
    Before the réfection of MARQUES de CAMPO thank you for the director of the travaux dans les rue Carrer CIRENE
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    Nous aimerions vivre dans une belle ville et NON dans un pays AFRICAIN ???
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