Most read news Dénia.com between the 14 and 19 September

20 September 2015 - 00: 02

The events remain the news that captured the attention of readers Dénia.com, but also everyday things as the location of the trail or opinion of childcare centers on schooling two years. These have been the most widely read news this week:

1 The police detain five people for robberies in Dénia's homes

The week began with the news of the detention of five people in Dénia, who have already been imprisoned, accused of perpetrating robberies in several homes of the city. The objects that were stolen were sold in a buying and selling establishment in Dénia, whose owner was also arrested.

National Police Dénia

2 Alarm in Dénia for the fire in a house in the Archiduque Carlos square

Saturday began with fright for the residents of Patricio Ferrándiz street. A house in the Plaza Archduke Carlos suffered a fire in the kitchen that fortunately did not cause great damage. Three agents of the National Police had to be taken care of by smoke inhalation.

Efectis health cater to a police officer

3 The Friday trail will not be installed again in La Vía after the summer

One of the most controversial news of the week has been the city council's decision not to move the Friday trail back to the center of the city. In summer, he moves to the Torrecremada car park to avoid traffic problems around Calle la Vía, but this year he will not return to that area. It stays in Torrecremada.

Antique trail Dénia

4 Dianenses nursery schools unite against the schooling project at 2 years

The children's schools of Denia have published this week a statement showing their rejection of the initiative of the regional government to school children of two years, a pilot project that Dénia has hosted in two of its centers: Vessanes and Cervantes. This statement has generated much interest in recent days, becoming the fourth most read news on the web.

Schooling for children two years in Dénia

5 Commitment pays tribute to more than 200 people to the poet Vicent Andrés Estellés

Near 200 people gathered last Friday, September 11 in the street poet Vicent Andrés Estellés on the occasion of the sixth edition of the Nit Estellés, organized by the collective of Compromís per Dénia. A cultural meeting that brought together poetry, music, brotherhood and tradition and whose news has become the fifth most read of the week in Dénia.com.

Nit Estellés - Readers

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