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The midwives of the Department of Health of Dénia send a message of support to future mothers

20 2020 April - 15: 58

The midwifery collective of the Denia Health Department transmits a message of confidence and tranquility to future mothers, in this crisis situation generated by COVID-19.

Silvia Crespo, the coordinator of midwives of the Department of Health of Dénia offers a message of calm and affection to future mothers: "We are at your disposal, we have prepared ourselves with all the scientific evidence available and with all our love to give you the best possible assistance." And reminds you that:

  • The measures to prevent contagion in pregnancy are the same as in the general population. The respiratory symptoms are similar and if you have any questions, you should contact your midwife. Faced with mild symptoms, they have to call 900 300 555 and contact their midwife, calling their health center.
  • The Primary Care pregnancy control program has been modified by adjusting the number of face-to-face visits and promoting telephone attention.
  • In the case of EMERGENCIES for Obstetric-Gynecological reasons, extreme precautions have been taken to prevent infections. A different patient entry circuit is enabled than that of patients with respiratory symptoms.
  • The assistance to the delivery in the delivery room has not been substantially modified, the future mothers can remain accompanied by the person they choose. Health professionals will wear protective masks and will be at all times offering calm and security to women. Nitrous Oxide is contraindicated, so it will not be administered.
  • In the positive cases of COVID-19, the woman will protect herself with a surgical mask and the health professionals will use the Personal Protection equipment, to be protected and protect the baby.
  • In hospitalization: The mother and baby may be accompanied by a single person. Visits are not allowed. An Early Discharge protocol has been put into operation to reduce the length of hospital stay and allow them to return home as soon as possible.
  • Breastfeeding remains the best diet for the newborn.

Through this message, the midwives of the Dénia Health Department want future mothers to remember that their mission, now and always, is to protect them and offer them quality pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care.

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