January 21 from 2022 - 12: 00

The mall Portal de la Marina, owned by Lar España Real Estate Socimi and managed by Grupo Lar through Gentalia, installed two machines in its facilities last September RECYCLES that have exceeded all expectations of use.

RECICLOS is a Return and Reward System (SDR) of Ecoembes that rewards the action of recycling. These machines collect cans and plastic bottles and in return offer points with which users can help improve the environment through sustainable or social incentives.

Portal de la Marina, a center that advocates for sustainability

Portal de la Marina has shown its commitment to the circular economy and sustainability throughout the year, as it demonstrates with actions like this one. Since with RECICLOS, customers who visit the shopping center can continue recycling some containers outside their homes, facilitating the circularity of this waste. But in addition, this good deed is rewarded with a points system that benefits non-profit entities. For example, the points obtained on the machines can be donated to projects that help vulnerable sectors.

These machines have been very well received by the users of the shopping center, who in just one quarter have deposited 1.115 cans and 1.993 plastic bottles in them to be recycled, which has allowed them to give a second life to this waste and accumulate many RECYCLING points destined to social actions in the Marina Alta.

“We want to be a different shopping center that, in addition to leisure and entertainment, provides the user with other differences that enrich their visit. This initiative was an example of this, because we trusted that a point-based recycling system would be useful for everyone, and it has been so” said Virginia Carrasco, director of the Portal de la Marina shopping center.

For his part, Xavier Balagué, manager of Ecoembes in the Valencian Community, wanted to thank "the users of the RECICLOS machines, but also Portal de La Marina, for their involvement and commitment to giving the packaging a second life and, in addition, help those who need it. It is a generous gesture that we should feel very proud of.”

This is how recycling with a RECICLOS reward works

The process of using a RECICLOS machine is very simple. If you want to use one of them, you only need to register in their app (app.reciclos.com), deposit all your cans and plastic bottles of drinks in a RECICLOS machine and scan the QR that the machine will show you after collect your containers.
By doing so, they will earn points, called RECYCLES, which they can exchange for the different rewards available, such as, in the case of the Portal de la Marina shopping center, delivering them to food donation projects for vulnerable people. These points will have a weekly limit so that citizens not only recycle more and better their packaging, but also consume responsibly.

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