The faeries of the fallas create a magical world to present Sara Alcalde as a major infant faller of Campaments

February 04 from 2019 - 13: 11

The children's commission of Campaments was immersed in a magical world in which the fairies of failures They took the floor to proclaim Sara Alcalde Márquez as the senior child faller of the commission for this exercise.

Carla Vinaroz, Lluna Gimenez and Andrea Moll became the fairies of beauty, art and music to shape the faller story that had Sara as protagonist. A protagonist who was not alone. Christian Alonso, its president, was the first to come on stage as the person in charge of guiding the commission through the dark forests this year.

Little Christian took the opportunity to thank the commission, their positions and especially his family for the support they are giving him in such a special year. Then appeared the magical beings that this year fill with light the children's commission. Fifty children who ensure the future of the Campaments fails.

Sara Alcalde, the queen fairy and senior child faller of the commission, received a warm applause from the audience as she walked down the corridor that led to her throne. From up there she was thrilled to see that it was her cousin who was in charge of taking her to her major faller band.

Lucía Berruti, predecessor of Sara in the position, imposed the tear on the band, and then, along with its president, Aaron, to address the audience his farewell words.

And immediately, more emotions for little Sara, to discover that her sister Claudia and Almudena, a great friend of the family, were responsible for his exaltation. Words full of pride and affection towards the infantile faller of Campaments, who could not help but get excited in such a magical moment.

Many were the groups that wanted to join the great day of Sara and Christian. The dance group Dianium Dansa; the Comissió de Festes de la Mare de Deu; the party councilor, Óscar Mengual; the charges of the Railway Failure of Xàtiva; also the charges of the fault, Sandra and Juan; and finally the biggest infantile faller of Dénia, Neus Suárez.

Sara's words put an end to this endearing act, which marks the start of the countdown to the 2019 failures. And everything, in a week that will end with the presentation of the charges of the big commission, Sandra Moll and Juan Poveda, next Friday from the 22: 00 hours.

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