March desire emerge in the presentation of Laura Casado as faller of Baix la Mar

November 28 from 2015 - 10: 59

Maritime District of Baix la Mar was dressed in one of the most special nights of the year, presentation, proclamation and exaltation of its biggest faller for the year 2015 / 2016, young Laura Casado Banda.

Desiring arrival of March in the environment, Baix la Mar celebrated this important event with a simple and heartfelt presentation in which the passage of time and all that never fades were the leitmotif, and Nuria Ivars Cardona the presenter of the event.

Iván Llorens, president of Baix la Mar, received the components of the court of honor, which appeared on the stage to receive standing on the faller of the failure. An excited Laura Casado received the affection of the public in the form of applause and shed the first tears of emotion when he saw they were his nephews who brought him the long-awaited faller band.

Presentation Baix la Mar 2016 - Imposition of band

The president proclaimed the faller, imposed the band and presented the logo fails to Laura that still did not wipe the smile off his face despite the tears of emotion.

Once busy place, came the moment of exaltation. Multiple exaltation that began with the intervention of her husband, Jose, who recited from memory a few words specifically created for Laura. silence and nephews Laura was, in voice, presented the next exalting his brother Miguel, who made the biggest faller broke again to mourn.

Presentation Baix la Mar 2016 - exalting

And it was no wonder, since fifteen years ago Laura had lived a very similar moment when it was proclaimed biggest faller child of Baix la Mar and it was his brother in charge of his exaltation. Looks accomplices and many memories of the remaining years ago they completed the most emotional moment of the night.

After the pleitesías, in which the usual visits Conqueridor those of Carcaixent and fails? Neighborhood Association Baix la Mar, Laura took the floor to address the public present in the room joined.

Presentation 2016 Baix la Mar - Words of Laura

He thanked Ivan that he had chosen again, after fifteen years, to share with him this adventure, and had a special mention for their children charges, Alex y Mar, which were moved from their seats. Laura also recalled that two years ago, also 27 November matrominio contracted with her husband, which said he was equally in love as the first day.

Despite the cold November night that accompanied the principle of heat in March grew to submit an emotional night that united once again to commit Baix la Mar.

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