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The families of Dénia meet again with the Fira de Tots Sants

22 October 2022 - 09: 18

The fair is already in Dénia. The Torrecremada esplanade has once again been filled with lights, music and laughter with the return of the Fira de Tots Sants. From this Friday, the attractions are underway to attract the young, and not so young, of the city.

It is one of the most anticipated days of the year for many children, the one with which the weeks of Denia fair. And it was noticed in the enclosure, with hundreds of families touring Torrecremada with the little ones visibly ecstatic. He helped in part that this first day coincided with Children's Day, with more affordable prices after inflation that has also reached the attractions.

Access all the Information from the Fira de Tots Sants de Dénia 2022 is located here.

  1. pepa moreno rodriguez says:

    Less parties and more infrastructure and more cleanliness and less rats and cockroaches. That by the way where the Fair is going to be put there are thousands. Be careful with the little ones, don't bite them.

  2. Reyes says:

    Everything that is proposed is fine, but transportation should come first, because what is there is lousy. Having good communication, we would have more visitors.

  3. mercedes ship says:

    Dénia city of gastronomy….but nobody cares about how to get there by train, bus. In the links it takes the same time as going to New York. Many years ago I was better connected. a pity

  4. Dani says:

    What does Denia need?
    Denia needs to launch the ITEI Plan (Industry, Tourism, employment and infrastructures).
    From the Democratic Front we are committed to the creation of:
    -Shipyards in the port
    -A Theater-Auditorium (The Mare Nostrum Theater)
    -Promote Agriculture with the implementation of organic farming
    -A dock for small cruise ships
    -A decent bus station (it would be located in the Cami de Gandía)
    -The Mercabono, so you can have discounts in all the stores in Denia, the Mercat and the Posit
    -And the transformation of Calle la Vía into “Bulevar la Vía” with a “Municipal” Cinema so that registered citizens do not have to pay to see a movie

    This is what we propose.
    See you in 2023