The Falleras Mayores de Dénia inaugurate the exhibition on the history of the city's floats

06 July 2021 - 12: 43

Safir Malonda and Martina Gimeno, older falleras of Dénia, along with their courts of honor, inaugurated this Monday afternoon the exhibition Cars from Denia. The Battle of Flors from 1903 to the present day, a journey through the history of floats in the city of Dénia that can be visited at Fora Mur, 10 (Ale Hop) until next July 11.

The exhibition has been curated by the Falleros Studies Collective of Dénia and the Marina Alta, which coordinates the culture delegation of the Local Board Fallera. It is divided into three sections: a first review of the history of the festival, a summary of the techniques used to create the floats and a final section dedicated to the troupes.

Jaume Bertomeu, president of the Fallera Local Board, recalled that "this year is the second consecutive year that, due to the pandemic, we cannot enjoy this important event. That is why we wanted to compile the history of this tradition, so that, during the next days, dianenses and visitors keep in mind the importance of the floats ".

The event was attended by the charges of the failures from Dénia; Vicent Grimalt, mayor of Dénia; councilors Óscar Mengual and Raul García de la Reina; and Ale Hop representative Dario Grimalt.

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