Dénia over the falleras presentations were in Gandia and Alzira

30 October 2014 - 00: 00

Carla Petrie y Candela Pastor, Falleras Over Denia 2015, traveled last weekend Valencia to celebrate with their counterparts presentations of the highest representatives of Gandia and Alzira.

Carla Petrie in presenting the FM Gandia

On Saturday night, Carla came accompanied by the president of the local board, Jaume Bertomeu, to the presentation of Gandia's new major faller, María Bernabeu Mascarell. The act took place at the Faller Museum in Gandía and was attended by numerous major falleras from other municipalities, as well as the Fallera Mayor de Valencia 2015, Estefania López Montesinos and the Bellea del Foc d'Alacant, Patricia Gadea Martínez.

And while Carla celebrated the presentation of her major faller in Gandía, Candela traveled to Carcaixent to attend the presentation of the major falleras of the municipality, Cristina Chulià and Mireia Català in the company of Quique Arbona, vice-president 3º of the Local Board Fallera.

The presentation was held at the Warehouse of Ribera and marked the starting gun for the fallas in the city.

Candela Pastor at the presentation of the FFMM of Carcaixent

Candela's agenda was completed on Sunday morning with his attendance at the presentation of infant faller Gandia, Claudia Gasque. The event, as happened on Saturday night, was held at the Museu Faller, and on this occasion was attended by the Bellea of ​​Child Foc Alicante, Nuria Menargues.

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