The Fallas de Dénia already have a poster and a crier

January 22 from 2020 - 11: 35

Last Sunday, the Dénia Local Board presented in the lounge of the Nautical Club what will be the poster that announces the party of the Fallas from 2020. This has been designed by the artist Marta Colomer. A sweet and naive bet that has been liked by the majority of falleros and falleras in the city despite its groundbreaking originality.

In addition, in the same presentation the name of the town crier was announced next March. This is none other than Jaume Pérez. It is a veteran fallero that has been in the commission of Baix la Mar for more than three decades and that promises to dedicate his speech to all those who enjoy the Fallas in a selfless way.

The big week is getting closer and failing and, in the absence of the latest presentations, everything is ready to start the party. Less than two months is what separates us from the smell of gunpowder, the imposing monuments and the continuous musical thread of each street.

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