The Fallas de Dénia 2023 live their first great act, the exaltation of the older falleras

13 September 2022 - 10: 05

One of the great falleros weekends par excellence is approaching in the city of Dénia. Next Friday, September 16, and Sunday, the 18th, the exaltations of the major falleras of Dénia 2023 and their courts of honor will be held. With them begins the cycle of falleras presentations in the capital of the Marina Alta.

This important act that starts the preparations for the Fallas of 2023 will have the presence of the Fallera Mayor Infantil de València 2019, Sara Larrazábal, and the journalist, Pasqual Herreros, who will be the maintainers of the Falleras Mayores de Dénia.

Presentation of the major fallera of Dénia 2023

On Friday the 16th it will be the turn of Aida Gavilà and her court of honour. Starting at 21:30 p.m., the auditorium of the Dénia Social Center will host the exaltation of the largest fallera of Dénia 2023. And the person in charge of addressing a few words will be the journalist and fallero Pasqual Herreros.

Pasqual is part of the team of reporters for the program 'Terra Viva' d'À Punt. He is a fallero of the Falla Barrio de Carme de Picanya, of which he was President from 2004 to 2007. He has also been part of the Local Board Fallera de Picanya as secretary, vice president and, from 2018 to 2022, president. In this period 2018-2022 also
He has been President of the Fallera Regional Board of l'Horta Sur. He has been a jury of Fallas, Doll Exhibition, Libretto, Exaltations, May Crosses, Song of the Pillow and Jury of Preselections to Cort de Honor of the Falleras Mayores de València in 2017 and 2022.

Pasqual Herreros has been maintainer of the major falleras of Picanya 2006 and 2009; of the major fallera of Torrent 2012; of the Fallera Mayor Infantil de Torrent 2013; and the major falleras of Sueca 2022. Those in charge of conducting the act will be the falleros Juan Céspedes and Rafa Soler.

Presentation of Noa Dacosta as a major child faller of Dénia 2023

Sunday morning will be the turn of Noa Dacosta and her court of honor. The exaltation of the major child faller of Dénia 2023 will take place in the auditorium of the Social Center from 12:00 p.m., in an act presented by the faller Neus Suàrez Femenia, major child faller of Dénia 2019.

Sara Larrazàbal Bernal, Fallera Mayor Infantil de València 2019, will address Noa and the members of her court with some emotional words. Sara is a Fallera of the Josep María Bayarri-Los Isidros commission, from the Olivereta sector and group, of which she was a Fallera Mayor. child in 2018, with his father as president of the 25th birthday exercise.

As of 2019, she held the highest position dreamed of by a young fallereta: being the oldest child fallera in Valencia. During the year of her reign, Sara visited numerous Valencian towns as the highest ambassador of the children's fallero world. After her year as a major children's faller in Valencia, she has requested her presence for various events, being a member of different juries and a participant in tables and colloquia falleros.

Sara has been the maintainer of the Falleras Mayores Infantiles of Xàtiva (2020), Torrent and Paterna (2022) and the Falleras Mayores Infantiles of the year 2022 of the Federation of the Maritime Association of Valencia and the Falleras Mayores Infantiles and Falleras Mayores of the Group. Olivereta of Valencia.

Just a few days ago, Noa Dacosta and her court of honor traveled to Valencia to meet Sara Larrazàbal in person, with whom they shared a fun afternoon in the center of the city and who allowed the caretaker of our older children's fallera to get to know her better both to her and to the components of the court.

Presentation times

Friday September 16

20: 00 hours: Concentration of 2023 charges and delegates in the town hall.
20: 15 hours: Parade through the Calle Marques de Campo to the Social Center Auditorium.
20: 30 hours: Reception and official photographs.
21: 30 hours: Start of the act

Sunday, September 18

10: 15 hours: concentration of child charges 2023 and delegates in the town hall.
10: 40 hours: Parade through Marqués de Campo street to the Auditorium of the Social Center.
11: 00 hours: Reception and official photos
12: 00 hours: Start of the act.

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